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On the Farm

Volatile markets, unpredictable weather patterns, and work injuries all continue to negatively impact farmers, who are the “backbone of America.” These stressors lead to maladaptive behaviors like substance misuse and even suicide. In fact, in 2017, the America Farm Bureau Federation reported that three out of four farmers and farm workers were directly impacted by opioid misuse; and in 2020, CDC reported that among men, farmers have the fourth highest rate of suicide of any industry. On the Farm features the stories of four farmers from the deep south who have lived the ups-and-downs associated with farming.  In each film, viewers will hear directly from the farmers about the highs and lows of farm life. Woven into each story are experts from economics, family science, and clinical psychology who connect the lived experiences of the farmers to the scientific literature on a rural and agricultural lifestyles. Through this film mini-series, individuals will be able to better convey the challenges of farm life to farmers and to non-farmers who wouldn’t otherwise understand.  Ultimately, viewers will more confidently know that while life is difficult for farmers, when the going gets tough, there is hope for recovery from the hard times.

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